Photo by Rasmus Sigvaldi


Opera of the Year – Nomination with Årets Reumert

Opera of the Year – CPH CULTURE


– Passengers of Passing Moments – 

World premiere of new ballet with The Royal Danish Ballet and The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen. Performances March 22nd to April 30th.


-World premiere in the Elbphilharmonie –

A Mass of Stars Block the View for chamber orchestra will premiere in The Elbphilharmonie with conductor Garrett Keast and Berlin Academy of American Music chamber orchestra on June 4th 2024. Get tickets.  

Score through Wise Music


– Receiving the big work grant – 

The Danish Arts Foundation 2024 

– Stunning review of HJEM Opera –  

“It is a huge taboo, which the cello personality and composer Josefine Opsahl tackles with in her opera performance ‘Hjem’. The taboo is loneliness. And because acts so fearlessly, the project succeeds. It is shocking to enter the former isolation prison Vridsløselille and feel the loneliness in Josefine Opsahl’s new total opera ‘Hjem’.” 

–  Thomas Michelsen 

– Stunning review of HANDS Concerto for Cello and Orchestra world premiere – 

“I hear an optimism, a joie de vivre. A joyfulness that also ripples through the hall in the audience’s enthusiastic applause and standing ovation after the last note. There are smiles on everyone’s faces.
And there’s good reason to be happy – we’ve gotten one more solid, new Concerto for Cello and Orchestra to add to the repertoire.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
– World premiere of HANDS Concerto for Cello and Orchestra – 
Josefine Opsahl’s new Concerto for Cello and Orchestra – commissioned by and written for Århus Sinfonietta+ / World premiere at Spot Festival 2023 conducted by Holly Choe.
HJEM Opera – 
Will have its world premiere at Copenhagen Opera Festival August 14th 2023
HJEM gives voice to different characters of loneliness yet celebrates this core acid to being human and the community of being present together It set in the former Vridsløselille Prison. Read more and tickets. 


– World Premiere in New York (US) – 

Opsahl’s Past Present Future premieres at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York April 14th.


– Stunning review of Past Present Future single – 

“Josefine Opsahl hat created something fantastic. A truly powerful track that has teeth and wants to mark the world. You want to hear the piece over and over again; hum and swing along in the midst of the multitude of thoughts in the head of (J.T. Lundbye)’s young man’s head”


– Project Announcement: Opsahl’s HANDS Cello Concerto will premiere with Århus Sinfonietta+ at Spot Festival 2023 – 


Live video from performance at The Crown Prince Couple’s Award Show is out – 


– Portrait video from The Crown Prince Couple’s Award Show 2022 – 


The Crown Prince Couple of Denmark’s Cultural Stardust Award 2022 –

Kronprinsparrets Kulturelle Stjernedryspris 2022

Celebrated in live TV prize show for Danish National Television DR1 TV on Saturday November 5th at 9.00 pm.


– His Royal Highness The Crown Prince of Denmark’s speech about Josefine Opsahl receiving The Crown Prince Couple of Denmark’s Cultural Stardust Award 2022 from live show on Danish National Television DR1 – 


– Receiving Kronprinsparrets Kulturelle Stjernedryspris 2022 – 


DR.DK feature for Kronprinsparrets Kulturelle Stjernedryspris 2022 – 

– Town will Change Town will Remain video release –

The video is a part of Opsahl’s ENOLA ANERA video trilogy made for Atrium album out on Dacapo Records.

– Liquid Entity video release –

The video is a part of Opsahl’s ENOLA ANERA video trilogy made for Atrium album out on Dacapo Records shot during the darkest hour of lockdown due to covid-19 proving that nothing can stop art and the urge to create.

Gramophone on Atrium album out on Dacapo Records

“Josefine Opsahl’s music resides in the zone where genre borders break down.”
evocative, hip solo cello music, at times improvisatory, that transports the listener to brisk Nordic climes.”

– The Strad on Atrium album out on Dacapo Records

“A boundary-defying recital from a remarkable Dane”

“It’s a fascinating, deeply rewarding collection of pieces that are immediately likable, but with plenty of detail and depth to repay much repeated listening.”


– “DrømmeDøden Opera is a musical sensation” –

Review of Josefine Opsahl’s opera ‘DrømmeDøden’ by Dagens Nyheter (SE) from performance at Folkoperan in Stockholm (SE)

“The music is rich with vividly changeable embellishments, melancholic folkloristic beauty and off guard captivating, dramatic highlights. A great achievement by Josefine Opsahl.

“DrømmeDøden is a good bet for this year’s most captivating chamber opera in Denmark.”


Review by Sune Anderberg for Kristeligt Dagblad (DK)  from the world premiere at Den Ny Opera (DK)


– Stunning reviews of Atrium album –

“Josefine Opsahl’s cello music is as if cut and scraped for hip music sites. Just like the album title can mean both outdoor space and heart chamber, Opsahl’s welcoming and immersive music is both technically refined and emotionally charged at the same time.”

Johanna Paulsson, Dagens Nyheter (SE)

“Josefine’s musical expressionism is performed beautifully, grotesquely, disharmonically and balanced. Atrium contains rich timbres, careful acoustic work as well as high notes that go right to the border of sensitivity and pain”.

JULIE HUGSTED, Seismograf (DK)


– Four world premieres coming up in August – 

‘Relievo’at Copenhagen Summer Festival

‘Pillars’ at Stjernestunder Festival in Glassalen, Tivoli by Copenhagen Phil, August 20th 17.00

‘It doesn’t look like anything to me’ at Enter Art Fair, choreographed by Jules Fischer 

‘Seidr’ for viola solo in Helsinki Festival (FI), Kalliosali August 27th 19.00


ATRIUM album, is out on Dacapo Records –  


– Single release with Dacapo Records

First single from Josefine Opsahl’s debut solo album ‘Atrium’ is out:

Liquid Entity‘ 


– Premiere of Bach solo project at Stjernestunder Festival in Tivoli – 

Premiere of ‘PILLARS – En Søjle af Musik’ – Bach solo project at Stjernestunder Festival by Copenhagen Phil in Tivoli August 20th 2022 17.00 in Glassalen. More info through tivoli or on the project under works.


– World premiere of Opsahl’s DrømmeDøden Opera – 

Den Ny Opera in Esbjerg (DK)  – May 8th 2022

Folkoperan in Stockholm (SE) – May 19th-24th 2022

Skuespilhuset at Det Kongelige Teater in Copenhagen (DK) – May 29th – June 5th 2022

Halmstad Vocal and Opera Festival (SE) – June 18th 2022

Kalmar Slott (SE) – June 28th-29th 2022

Comissioned by and produced in collaboration with Nordic Opera 


– Danish premiere of Opsahl’s ‘Drei Bewegungen des Elektrischen Körpers’ in Tivoli Concert Hall June 23rd 2022 – 

The piece features The Royal Danish Ballet in a new choreography by Artistic Director of the ballet Nikolaj Hübbe, The Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir conducted by Chief Conductor Carsten Seyer-Hansen and Livgardens Musikkorps playing.


– Official debut from Danish National Academy of Music as a Soloist within Contemporary Creative Art – 

– World Premiere at HM The Queen of Denmark’s galla dinner in Berlin –

‘Drei Bewegungen der Elektrischen Körpers’ had its world premiere at Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark’s galla dinner at Deutsche Historisches Museum in Berlin (DE) November 11th.

The piece featured The Royal Danish Ballet in a new choreography by Artistic Director of the ballet Nikolaj Hübbe, The Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir conducted by Chief Conductor Carsten Seyer-Hansen and Livgardens Musikkorps playing. Dar Salim lead us all elegantly through the evening.


– DrømmeDøden Opera has arrived from Edition Wilhelm Hansen – 

Comissioned by Nordic Opera. World premiere May 8th 2022 at Den Ny Opera in Esbjerg (DK). Further performances throughout May – June 2022 at Folkoperan in Stockholm (SE), Skuespilhuset by The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen (DK), Halland Opera and Vocal Festival and Kalmar Slot (SE).

‘I Walk I Bleed’ premiering at Sort/Hvid

‘I Walk I Bleed’ work and installation for 10 cellists premiering November 11th-13th at Sort/Hvid in Copenhagen.  Photo by Martin Høyer


– Receiving Odd Fellow Ordenen’s Musikpris 2021 – 


– Receiving the Leonie Sonning Music Prize‘s Talent Prize 2021 – 


– ‘I Walk I Bleed’ video release from world premiere at Click Festival 2020 – 


– Performing for the Danish Prime Minister and the Danish Minister of Culture at a Cultural Soiré at Marienborg – 


– Performance at the first edition of GRASP Festival (DK) – 


– Solo performance at the Ministry of Culture‘s 60 year anniversary –

Solo performance at the Ministry of Culture‘s 60 year anniversary during Kulturnatten in Copenhagen October 15th 18.00-23.00


– Five performances at The Danish National Gallery

Reflecting on 5 art pieces from the museum’s four core exhibitions alongside one from the special exhibition ‘Efter Stilheden’. Kulturnatten October 15th 18.00-00.00.



EKKLESIATERION, quadrophonic piece for cello and speakers will premiere at INTONAL Festival in Malmö, Sweden June 19th at 23.59.


– Performance at CPHFW21 (Copenhagen Fashion Week) at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – 


– World Premiere of my ‘Birds of Déia’ Piano Quartet – 

Performed by Camerata Déia at Déia International Music Festival, Mallorca (ES)


– Featured live on Danish Television DR TV1

Talking about the very likely cancellation of Roskilde Festival 2021 due to the covid-19 pandemic and it’s consequence for for cultural life, festivals and artists. We need to stick together and insist to manifest the importance of art in society and keep our collective soul healthy. Full episode available here.


New opera project in the making in collaboration with conductor Rose Munk Heiberg. Open call for paid workshop May 17th-21th in collaboration with Sort/Hvid Theatre in Copenhagen. More info here.


– Finally it’s official – Performing in Roskilde Festival 2021 – 

Premiering my concert trilogy ‘Three Movements of the Body Electric’ feat. Dancer (TBA), The Perfect Procession and M€RCY techno duo, June 30th-July 3rd 2021. Supported by The Danish Art Foundation


– Performing at the Wilhelm Hansen Foundation‘s Prize Ceremony receiving their Scholarship of Honour 2020 – 

Prisfest i Wilhelm Hansen Fonden
Børssalen på Københavns Gamle Børs


– Solo show for Tiny Mini Concerts live in MillFactory Copenhagen – 


I Walk I Bleed for 10 celli –  world premiere radio transmission from Click Festival

‘I Walk I Bleed’ – Listen to the recording by Danish Radio P2 here


Lecturing at The University of Copenhagen 

Giving a lecture on contemporary roles within music creation, tradition, virtuosity, curiosity, new medias of expression and aesthetics.


Lucid Dreaming Concert 

Josefine Opsahl’s residency at Thorvaldsens Museum. Concert featuring Cæcilie Balling and Cæcilie Tagmose.


 Receiving the Wilhelm Hansen Foundation’s scholarship of honour 2020 – 

Honoured and grateful to be receiving the Wilhelm Hansen Foundation’s scholarship of honour 2020.


– ‘I Walk I Bleed’ live broadcast by National Danish Radio P2 – 

Full concert performance of ‘I Walk I Bleed’ broadcast by DR P2 in P2 Koncerten. click


– World premiere of ‘I Walk I Bleed’ installation and concert piece by Josefine Opsahl for 10 celli at Click Festival 2020 – 

August 15th at Click Festival, Installation 14-16, concert at 19.30 in Hal 14 in the Siemens Halls behind Kulturværftet.


– Josefine Opsahl solo opening the SMK Summer Concert Series –

Interpreting Peder Severin Krøyer and Anne Marie Carl Nielsen.


– New Video Out – 

‘Sonic Lithographies Suite’ for cello and guitar live at Festival Music Estranha, Sao Paulo 2019. Performed by Josefine Opsahl, cello and Mikkel Egelund Nielsen, guitar.



Solo Performance streamed live from an empty Black Diamond / The Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen, April 7th 2020, 20.00.

Due to Covid-19 lockdown and quarantine I will for an hour place myself alone in one of the most beautiful public spaces in Copenhagen that is usually filled with life and people but these days completely empty.

Join me contemplating into the timeless art of handwriting, diving into another time and space, reconnecting with the human touch, materials of nature and the beauty in all of it. These days more than ever we need art, beauty and the sensation of creating together.

Featured article in COSTUME.

– Full video of performance at The Royal Library available here –

– Full video of performance for Fondation Danoise available here –

– Solo performance for Fondation Danoise –

Solo performance streamed live directly to Foundation Danoise in Paris from MillFactory NuVenue, Copenhagen, March 30th 21.00.

– Town will change town will remain – 

Premiere of ‘Town will change town will remain’ written for the opening of the Copenhagen Museum February 7th and HM The Queen of Denmark opening the museum.

– Nōlī turbāre circulōs meōs – 

Premiere of ‘Nōlī turbāre circulōs meōs’ for 10 players in Musikhuset Århus by The Esbjerg Ensemble, February 7th.